Wednesday, September 14, 2011

W.I.P. Painting

Fro. Brow. Beard.
11 by 17
ink and gouache on illustration board 

Here's something I started a while ago. Never got around to finishing, but I really liked the characters. Have not clue what to do with that damn background, kinda got stuck 1/2 way through. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Vector Pieces

This summer gave me time to reflect on myself and where the challenges of life have taken me. Im in a very creative and individual state of being right now, so if it feels like I have been distant to some people, I apologize. Lately all I want to do is focus on my art work and its significance to me or anyone else it may effect. I know it may be hard for people to see illustration as something that is personal, but there is a part of the process than commands ones own self reflection. The past couple of months have been that for me, self reflection. I believe I have found something finally to express, and that is myself.

Here's a concept jazz music has helped me evolve. Sirens trapped inside a piano! Horror and jazz music, a strange fusion! Developing a story for this cat.

Was my buddies birthday a couple days ago. Wanted to illustrate him a a wrestler, his true passion and one of the more ridiculous events one must watch every once and a while to not take things so seriously. I wonder if you took Shakespeare to a wrestling event?hum...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


So it's time that I actually start regularly updating my blog regardless if Im doing any real illustrations at the moment. Im currently open for commissions right now, but nothings falling through, so I've got all the time in the world to sketch and have fun doodling around.

Watched Shaft recently cause he's just one bad ass mutha licka!

Think I wana sketch this guy up in Illustrator. He'd make a great sticker or something.

Here's a little comic too, if you can read it.

Russian mob guys in the Richmond. Love this neighborhood.



Last night me and a couple hooligans went to the Vespertine Circus in Oakland. They were so fun and entertaining to watch I couldn't find much time to draw them, but got some quick ones done after their show. They're going on tour soon, but check out their website and see them when they get back in town at:

Friday, May 27, 2011

Trust me, Im The Doctor!

HHHOOO MI GOD!!! So exited for this season of Doctor Who, really falling in love with the show this time. Here's a piece I eventually want to turn into a poster and make some prints of for all you Doctor fans out there. Had a lot of fun discovering new ways to use Illustrator during this piece. Enjoy!

More sketches!!

Gordon Silvera, awesome teacher from my Illustration #3 class.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Them Magic Bullets

So finals are finished with, and its time to dig up some new post! Finished my comic book "Them Magic Bullets" finally. Short 6 pager I finished for my Comics: Pencils and Inks 2 class. Had a tremendous amount of fun working on them, learned soooooo much!! Just posting the first two pages and the cover page. Submitting the pages to Figments #2, and anthology of student work presented by the Comic Book Club. Here's the facebook link to the donations page where you can fork up a lovely sum of small change to provide some funding for this baby.

Hope you enjoyed these first three pages. Gonna post some vector stuff Ive been playing around with soon.


Monday, April 4, 2011

New Semester, Same Old Game

A year and a half from graduation, and time for a update. Went back home to Redondo Beach for the spring break and got to hang out with some faces that I haven't seen in ages. Thank's to everyone that I got to see for making me feel back at home!

Doodle of my bud Ashton. He just got done with a bike tour from California to Florida. INCREDIBLY AWSOME BIKE SKILLS!!!

Brent (left) and Kona (right). Two of my favorite retards back home. Miss ya guys all ready.

My octopus Brit...oh, wait, I mean Carmen! She is the craziest motha licka I know. Much love to ya!


Some random folks at cafe's and what not.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Star-Sucks People!

Been way to long since I have posted. Here are a couple of sketches from Starbucks, one of my new favorite places to draw.

Not entirely sure if this is what he exactly said, but it was somewhere along the lines of that. Guy looked like an asshole anyways.

Here's your god damn comic Andrew!! JK. Thought I would try something new; collage different sketches from Starbucks into a comic from. I think this one works. Lol.