Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Vector Pieces

This summer gave me time to reflect on myself and where the challenges of life have taken me. Im in a very creative and individual state of being right now, so if it feels like I have been distant to some people, I apologize. Lately all I want to do is focus on my art work and its significance to me or anyone else it may effect. I know it may be hard for people to see illustration as something that is personal, but there is a part of the process than commands ones own self reflection. The past couple of months have been that for me, self reflection. I believe I have found something finally to express, and that is myself.

Here's a concept jazz music has helped me evolve. Sirens trapped inside a piano! Horror and jazz music, a strange fusion! Developing a story for this cat.

Was my buddies birthday a couple days ago. Wanted to illustrate him a a wrestler, his true passion and one of the more ridiculous events one must watch every once and a while to not take things so seriously. I wonder if you took Shakespeare to a wrestling event?hum...