Friday, May 27, 2011

Trust me, Im The Doctor!

HHHOOO MI GOD!!! So exited for this season of Doctor Who, really falling in love with the show this time. Here's a piece I eventually want to turn into a poster and make some prints of for all you Doctor fans out there. Had a lot of fun discovering new ways to use Illustrator during this piece. Enjoy!

More sketches!!

Gordon Silvera, awesome teacher from my Illustration #3 class.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Them Magic Bullets

So finals are finished with, and its time to dig up some new post! Finished my comic book "Them Magic Bullets" finally. Short 6 pager I finished for my Comics: Pencils and Inks 2 class. Had a tremendous amount of fun working on them, learned soooooo much!! Just posting the first two pages and the cover page. Submitting the pages to Figments #2, and anthology of student work presented by the Comic Book Club. Here's the facebook link to the donations page where you can fork up a lovely sum of small change to provide some funding for this baby.

Hope you enjoyed these first three pages. Gonna post some vector stuff Ive been playing around with soon.