Friday, January 25, 2013

ZARDOZ and More Styx

 If you haven't seen Zardoz yet, the 1974 sci fi with Sean Connery, then grab a copy and tune in for an epic weird adventure! One truly for the Gonzo books.

Here are some more Styx sketches for ya too!


In our story The Styx Express, the passengers that don't have enough money to pay for their fare are doomed to travel the marshlands until they slowly become part of the environment and crumble away.

As far as conceptual work, I feel like I am ready to move onto the pages themselves. I have the first couple pages set up, just need to thumbnail and layout the rest of the book.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Fat Sketch Update

Fulfilling my new years resolution by putting up a post at least every two weeks. Here is some stuff from my sketch book!

Below are some sketches I've been doing for a Weekly Challenge we have at the Comic Book Club. The first challenge was Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters. I chose to make some really scary Ahh!! Real Monsters redesigns.

This one I did some silohette's for to nail down her character. The challenge was to create a character for a fighting game like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat. Her name is Horchata, roller derby girl and drummer for a metal band.

This last one is for the latest challenge to design any character as a Transformer. Neil deGrasse Tyson may not be fictional, but he deserves transformer status. Still working on the colored version and his transformed self (the Hubble Telescope).  

Till next time!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Styx Express Update

School is finally finished, and now I have plenty of time to jump back onto this collaboration I am working on with the very talented writer Matt Harding. Here are a few concepts for the characters of our comic The Styx Express. Set in the 1920's, the river has been frozen over and Charon's boat has been replaced by a locomotive that travels along the frozen river. Charon is set to retire his job as the ferryman, while Marcus is slowly learning the ropes as he will now be responsible for the souls who wish to rest. I'll defiantly have more stuff to post after this week!

Our main characters, Marcus (left) the newbie conductor taking over duties for Charon (right) the ferryman of the river Styx.

These little gnomes help board the passengers onto the train while they aren't causing trouble and mischief.

Old gypsy ladies

Gypsy passengers. Oy!